Simple and easy contact tracing solutions for Masajids.


Solutions built for Masajids

Masjidal is excited to offer our cutting edge contact tracing process for Masajids. With our simple online registration and check-in solution, Masjids can now easily track the congregants attending each prayer.

Our all in one solution, from registration to scanning to displays on screen, provides Masajid’s the tool to stay in compliance with state laws.

Congregant Registration

One time registration process for all attendees. Custom url link that can be added to your website for congregants to register with ease.

QR Code eMailed

As soon as the congregant registers, they’ll get an email with a QR code. This QR code is valid for all their visits to the Masjid.

Volunteer/Staff Scans

Your volunteer/staff members access a custom web page for your Masjid to scan QR codes using their mobile phones. Congregant shows the QR code for the volunteer/staff to  scan at the Masjid entrance.

Display Occupancy Counts

Display live occupancy count on Masjid screens and on your website. This allows congregants to check current occupancy prior to coming to the Masjid.  

Check-In Data

Data available to show who was present at the Masjid at any given time. In case if there is a positive case, a list of people that might have been exposed can be generated. 

Contact Tracing Made Easy

Trace by Masjidal is a Contact Tracing solution, made specially for Masajids. It gives Masjid administration the ability to quickly understand which attendees have come in contact with an infected person. Registration does not reserve a spot for the congregant at a specific prayer. It is a contact mechanism in case of a risk of exposure.

This solution can be implemented in a couple of hours and does not require any special hardware or expensive subscriptions. 

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