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Next Generation Athan Clock
Audio and Visual reminders for Athans, Iqamah, Dhikrs, Duas, Verses, Hadiths and more. 

Screen Size:

$139.99 – $189.99

Only Athan Frame gives you:

Prayer Alerts

Audio & Visual reminders for each prayer. Multiple Athan options

Iqamah Reminders*

Set reminders before your Masjid’s* Iqamah time

Event Based Reminders

Notification screens for special Islamic days

Daily Dhikrs & Duas

Benefit from Athan Frame’s daily dhikr and duas

Masjid Notifications

Connect to your local Masjid* by getting instant notifications

*Masjid must be signed up at Masjidal.com to maintain Iqamah times. It’s a free service for Masjids to use.

Explore Complete Features

Explore Complete Features

athan frame


Our homes have become places where when the Athan plays, everyone pauses to prepare for prayer. Even the youngest of children. Praying on time is second nature. Hearts soften with the contentment of asking Him alone to meet our needs and wants. We, and our children, are no strangers to the peace that only prayer brings. This is the vision we, at Masjidal, wanted to fulfill when we created the Athan Frame.

When you bring the Athan Frame home, you can choose the Masjidal member mosque with which you’ll synchronize your prayers. You’ll have the potential to bring the Athan and Iqamah reminders within your four walls. Align your prayer timings and leave for the masjid in time to join congregational prayer. Or you can choose stand-alone, automated settings for a city of your choice, and even calculate prayer times by your preferred method.

Loaded with daily prayer reminders, athans, dikhr, dua and hadith, that refresh each day, the Athan Frame nourishes our relationship with our Maker. The Athan Frame offers athans (call to prayer) for the five daily prayers, with accompanying duas (prayers) in Arabic and English. There’s even a reminder when there are just 30 minutes left for a new prayer to start.

Families can opt-in for Masjidal-member mosque notifications directly to their Athan Frame and never lose an opportunity to fulfill a Sunnah and connect with fellow congregants, to strengthen bonds of kinship.

The Athan Frame enriches your family’s ties to a Masjidal member masjid of your choosing, anywhere in the world. Bring one home today and fulfill your aspirations to draw closer to Allah and his Prophet (peace be upon him).

athan frame







 ATHAN FRAMEGeneric Athan Clock
Five daily athans (audio/visual)Audio only
Prayer times for most cities
Option to select different athans
Display Gregorian and Hijri dates
Daylight savings time based on location
Athan dua with meaning (audio/visual)
Display local Masjid’s athan and iqamah timings
Athan/Iqamah times on screen
Option to set reminder prior to each Iqamah
Automatically adjust timings based Masjid updates
Event/program reminders from Masjid
Daily verse, hadith and dhikr reminders
Special Islamic day reminders
Display monthly prayer timetable
New functionality added on a regular basis
Bluetooth connectivity for additional speakers
10 inch HD display

Common Questions

Do I need to sign up to use the Athan Frame?

No, Athan Frame works without any account setup. 

Are all features included for free?

Yes, Alhumdullillah, all features are included.

Do I have to pay a subscription fee?

No, we don’t charge any ongoing or subscription fees.

Can I use my own tablet as an Athan Frame?

Not at the moment. Athan Frame is developed as a complete package and we would like our users to experience the full benefits. 

How are my Masjid's timings displayed?

We have a process for Masjid’s to sign up and maintain their timings. After the Masjid signs up, the Masjid will be available for syncing in the Athan Frame. 

Does my Masjid have to pay a fee?

Not at all. All our features are free to use for any Masjid.

Why is my local Masjid not in the search?

Only Masjids signed up with us will be available in the Athan Frame. If your local Masjid is not available, please have someone from your Masjid get in touch with us or have them sign up for free.

Is there a list of Masjids that are using Masjidal?

Coming soon, InshaAllah. 

Can i update the timings of my Masjid?

It’s in the works. 

Can I use it without a Masjid?

Absolutely. The only feature that won’t be available in stand alone mode is the Iqamah timings.

Do I need an internet connection for Athan Frame to work?

Yes, Athan Frame is a cloud based solution and an active internet connection is required for it to work.

Can I display my own images on the Athan Frame?

No. All our screens are professionally designed and are dynamically displayed based on the content. 

Nurture Your Islam. It’s a Gift for Generations to Come.