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Updating the App

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On a regular basis, we release updates to include new functionality and bug fixes. It is highly recommended to be on the latest version. 

The app needs to be updated on each device (device connected to the TV). To update, swipe from the bottom of the screen on the Iqamah timing screen and click the square icon. Then click anywhere outside the tiled windows. Easiest way to do this is using a USB mouse connected to the device.

Click the “Circle” in the lower center of the screen.

You should see the list off all apps on the device. Launch the internet browser app (the globe icon) and type in the following address: 

Click on the download button (hold the left mouse button for 10 seconds) and then click on the Open link option. You should see a download icon blinking on the top left of the screen. After download is complete (icon will stop blinking), swipe from the top of the screen and click on the downloaded file. Follow steps to install the update. After installation is complete, relaunch the Al-Iqamah app.

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