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Display web content (websites, Google Sheets, Google Slides etc.) in addition to images. Content can now be displayed in split screen or fullscreen. These features require paid subscription, please email us at for more information.

You can display custom images OR websites* (including Google Sheets and Google Slides) along with the Iqamah timings. For best results, please make sure that the images are in landscape format (1920 x 1080).

The custom content can be displayed in full screen or in split screen* mode. 

Masjidal provided images for duas/dhikrs/annoucements are also available. 

*Subscription needed to enable this feature. Please contact us at

Click on the Slideshow link on the left navigation bar.

On this page, you can create/edit/delete images to be displayed on the screen.

To display different content on different tvs, assign a “Zone” number to each tv (device connected to the tv). To do so, click on our logo on the bottom right from the Iqamah display screen and then select the device zone. Only images loaded with that zone will display on that device. Images uploaded with “All Zones” will be displayed on all devices.

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