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Salah (Athan)

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You can easily setup salah (athan) timings using the Salah tab. Save the settings for calculating salah times or mass upload your timings using the provided template.

Click on the Salah link on the left navigation bar.

On this page, you can set the calculation methods used for calculating the salah times. The times are calculated based on the Masjid location (longitude and latitude) and the settings on this page.

Select the calculation and asr method that you follow. If needed, set the custom angles – angles are generally not needed as they are based on the calculation method selected and will default. Click the Save button to generate the timings for your review. 

NOTE: Click on the Save button after you make any changes to the “Methods” or “Offsets” section. After saving, the timings will generate with the new setting and will override existing timings.

If the timings look correct, then you are all set. Timings will be automatically generated every month based on these settings.  

If any adjustments are needed, you can use offsets to add/subtract minutes from the generated timings.

To view the timings for another month, enter the month in the Month Range field and click on the Generate button. This will display the timings for that month using the settings that you have saved. This is just for verifying the timings, they don’t need to be generated every month as they will be automatically calculated.

Manually Uploading Timings

If you prefer to load your own timings,  click on Download button to get the excel template.  Follow the instructions and create CSV file. Click on Choose file to select the CSV file and then click Upload to load the timings from the file. Scroll down to verify that the timings are correct.

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