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Prohibited Salah Time

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Automatically display a screen during prohibited salah times. There are 3 times when this screen can be activated. During these times, the screen will show a countdown and a message stating that it’s prohibited salah time.

By default, this screen is turned off. This option is set in the app at the device level (device connected to the TV) so that every device on your account doesn’t display this notification.

To activate this setting, click on the Masjidal logo (bottom right) on the timing screen. Eaiset way to click is using a USB mouse connected to the device. The setting screen in the app will open.

You will have 3 different options of when to display this notification. Tulu time starts at sunrise, zawal end at dhuhr time and ghurub ends at maghrib time. To enable it, click the checkbox under the title “Display Prohibited Time Screen” for the time that you want it enabled for. A popup will appear for you to enter the number of minutes it should display for. For example for tulu, it will start at sunrise and end based on the number of minutes that you enter. Click “Done” when you are finished with enabling this notification. That’s it, the prohibited time screen should be displayed in full screen.

Please update your app to the latest version for this feature to work.

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