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You can easily setup iqama timings using the Iqama tab. Enter Iqama timings directly (recommended) or mass upload your timings using the provided template.

Click on the Iqamah link on the left navigation bar.

On this page, you can Create/Copy/Delete Iqamah timings. You can also view or edit previously saved Iqamah timings. Two Options available for entering Iqamah timings in the system.

NOTE: Only enter Iqamah times when there is a change. Enter the date when Iqamah is changing and then enter the Iqamah times for that date. These times will be used till the next date when a change happens is reached. For example, Iqamah times are changing on June 21 and July 1. Enter Iqamah times for June 21 and July 1 only. From June 21 to June 30), the Iqamah times will be based on the June 21 entry. On July 1, the new Iqamah times will be displayed. Notice that there is no Iqamah times entered for June 22 to June 30 as the system will use the June 21 Iqamah times till the date is July 1. This way, you don’t need to enter daily Iqamah times but only on changes.


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