Jumu'ah Registration

Waiver and Guidelines


I agree that by signing this waiver, I hereby release Islamic Foundation of Southwest Suburbs (IFSWS) and it’s Management, Officers, Staff, and volunteers from any and all responsibility and liability in the event I or (through me), my family members or associates, get infected with COVID-19, or other illness (pandemic-related, contagious, excessive heat, sun-related injuries and illness or otherwise) which is connected in any way to my attendance at the IFSWS facilities for any and all activities.


To comply with the laws of the land and the state regulations, the maximum capacity will be adjusted, per the Governor’s pandemic mode of operations.

Those coming for Jumu’ah will need to consent and agree to the following guidelines:

1. Maintain social distancing
2. Mask that covers nose and mouth when inside the building is mandatory
3. Bring your own Musallah
4. Entry for Jummah salah will be strictly to registered person
5. Pray sunnah at home
6. Make wudu at home if possible (Highly Recommend)

Anyone not following these guidelines will be restricted from entry into the Masjid

Covid Guidelines for Masjids